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7 Tips to Lead A Life Filled with LAUGHTER + LOVE + LOYALTY by Genevieve Jackson 💖

Hey Beautiful People,

I got a little behind on my blog posts in coordination with my Mind + Body + Soul Sessions on Instagram. Though I just started MBSS, I intended on putting myself on a weekly schedule but was soon knocked off by how busy my calendar became, even in quarantine. I really needed to take a moment, sit down and remind myself of the insightful conversation about LAUGHTER + LOVE + LOYALTY with my best friend, Genevieve Jackson. This week, I took time to laugh more, remind myself of what I needed to remain loyal to during this time and took time to just love myself more. In doing that, I had to give myself grace and trust that this piece would be released in the perfect timing. So, HERE IT IS!

Amongst being my best friend, Genevieve is one of the most beautiful humans on this earth, inside and out. Anyone who has the chance to meet her would definitely agree. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and is the oldest of 5 siblings. (I'm the oldest in my family too, which is one of the many things that we have in common). Gen enjoys reading, spending time in nature, working out and staying connected to music. Now living in Atlanta, GA with her wonderful fiancé, she is the creative assistant in music publishing at Kobalt Music Group. She is also the co-founder, alongside her partner/fiancé, of the organization EIGBO (Everything Is Gonna Be Okay). To continue following her journey, you can find Genevieve on Instagram @genevievejaxn 💖

7 Tips to Lead A Life Filled with LAUGHTER + LOVE + LOYALTY by Genevieve Jackson 💖

1. Do everything with love. When you do things with love, you will receive love. That goes for everything in life. What you put out to the world, is what you get back. 

2. Be the light. 

3. Laughing is the best medicine and good for the soul. 

4. Happiness is a choice. Everyday when we wake up, we decide how we want to feel. We decide how our day is going to be. Wake up, meditate, and choose happiness!

5. Don’t make assumptions (if you've never read THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz, its a MUST READ + this is one of the 4)

6. Understand that nothing in life is personal.  

7. Think positive.

I hope you carry these beautiful words with you each and every day. Smile, live your best life and remain present in each moment ☺️ Talk to you soon beautiful people!

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