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10 Tips on MINDFULNESS + MENTAL HEALTH by Tiff McFierce 🎼

Hello Beautiful People,

In light of MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH, it was so important for me to share powerful words by my dear friend + sister, Tiff McFierce. I met this phenomenal woman through my baby sister, Bobbie, and we too instantly became family. Over the past couple years, Tiff has spoken so much life into me, supported and encouraged me, loved on me and continuously educated me. I'm so excited to be sharing a piece of my Mind + Body + Soul Session that I had with her.

Tiff McFierce was born and bred in the Bronx, NY. Her east coast flavor transcends the moment she steps into any room. She is a music curator + director, the first black female resident DJ at Madison Square Garden for the NY Knicks and an Aerie REAL Model. As a young, bright entrepreneur, Tiff founded her own physically + mentally conscious company, Look IN vs. Lookin. This supportive wellness organization stands strong on the universal pillars of meditation + music + movement. When we sat down, with our energies flowing in full force, Tiff shared her personal experiences on being in the industry, how she practices mindfulness + she manages her mental health. With her strong, substantial background and the foundation she has already laid in this industry, I knew she would be the perfect expert to share her thoughts and advice on these impactful topics.

10 Tips on MINDFULNESS + MENTAL HEALTH by Tiff McFierce

1. MAKE THE TIME! Mindfulness is an everyday practice so even if you are not sticking to a specific daily routine, you should do your best to make time each day to develop a consistent practice.

2. PRIORITIZE. Learn to put YOU first. We often make time for appointments with others but need to consider the appointments with ourselves to be just as significant, if not even MORE IMPORTANT.

3. "You as a whole are enough. You don't need to change yourself, you just need to uncover your truth."

4. Write down your thoughts + ideas. Trust in the power of MANIFESTATION! (Fun Fact: Tiff landed her position at Madison Square Garden by igniting the superpower of manifesting.)

5. Mental Health is "how you deal with everything. Look at what we're all dealing with now. Your mental state can switch especially in times like this."

6. CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY. See if you have access to affordable mental health care resources.

7. This is not the time to be fearful of therapy. Throw the ego out of the equation and be transparent if you need help. There is low-cost + free therapy available. Also, check your local hotlines for mental health support _ assistance. (i.e. & are a great place to start)

8. GET OFF YOUR PHONE as much as you can. Limit your screen time. Be careful of what you are ingesting.

9. SET BOUNDARIES. Don't let everything just flow into your life + be careful of what is flowing out.

10. FILL YOURSELF UP. You can't give something that you don't have. Going hand-in-hand with setting boundaries, ask yourself this question. If you don't fill yourself up + set boundaries for self FIRST, how can you give your energy, time, resources, etc. and respect the boundaries of others?

I hope these powerful, pieces of advice were helpful to you or someone you can pass them along to. Looking forward to sharing more of my MIND + BODY + SOUL Sessions with all of you via IG Live and here on my blog. Follow @TiffMcFierce and her wellness brand, @Look_INvsLookin for more tips, events, community support and more! Until then, have a beautiful blessed day 💞

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