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Friendship + Food + Focus with SYDNEY ROSE 💞 + 5 Healthy Tips & Recipe ⚡

Hey Beautiful People,

This week I started a new journey, launching my Instagram Live Show: MIND + BODY + SOUL Sessions. I was blessed to have my very first guest be my dear friend Syd. Here is a quick recap + interview with this powerful, certified trainer + nutrition coach.


Her name is Sydney Rose Miller. She was born and raised in NYC. This intelligent, college athlete started a career as a high school English teacher in New Orleans before switching over to fitness full time. She previously worked for SoulCycle in Los Angeles, which is where she met ME. Linked together through our favorite sport: BOXING, we were forever bonded, sharing magical moments inside + outside of the ring. Before her recent move back to NYC, Syd briefly moved to Dubai to take on a position as head of performer development at a studio by the name of Platform. While in Dubai, she won her first amateur fight and began pursuing a deeper self study in NUTRITION. With over a decade in the fitness industry she combines her knowledge of the body and certification in NASM nutrition to educate + motivate the masses.


A few months ago, I joined a group of women embarking on a "keto journey" led by Coach Tara Garrison. I have been reading about "bio-hacking" and ways of using food to optimize the health and wellness of our bodies and brains. I am deep in this journey myself to understand how to BEST fuel my body and excited to help guide others through it. 


1) FIND YOUR FOOD FRIENDS: We said it then and i'll say it again...  Friends who you feel good eating around (whatever it is you need to be eating at any moment) are keepers.

2) HUGE ASS CUPS OF WATER: find something you love drinking out of and your favorite way to hydrate (without consuming lots of extra sugar or calories). I loooove filling my water with ice, lemon and some sparkling or still water. I have no problem staying hydrated with this bad boy around. 

3) RE-DEFINE TREATS: Think of a "food treat" as something soothing, healing and enjoyable that you're putting in your body. Treats don't always have to be ice cream and cake. We get to define the type of treat our body needs on a daily basis, and MORE often than not, that treat is something nutritious and delicious. As you treat yourself, remind yourself, "I'm giving you this because it will make you feel great, live longer, feel more, and sleep well tonight." Maybe your treat is a Tumeric latte with unsweetened almond milk, or big, bad, colorful salad with added protein! 

4) NEVER GIVE UP YOUR POWER: Remember that you have the power-- not the food. You're choosing what to put in your body. If you want to eat the cookie, eat the cookie. But live in your power as you make that choice, and know that you're informed enough (or have access to the information) necessary to make the best choices for yourself. Reach out for help when you need support on making good choices! 

5) KETO OR NO KETO, HEALTHY FATS ARE A GO: The Keto(ish) approach I discussed in our chat is NOT the answer for a lot of people. And that's ok! What works for me won't work for others, because all of our bodies are different. But eating healthy fats do not make you fat if eaten in moderation, and they're actually super important for our body's functions in TONS of ways. Consider buying some MCT oil to add into your coffee in the morning (just a teaspoon and you'll hardly taste it), or making sure you're incorporating nuts, seeds, oils or animals fats in every meal! 


(makes 3 medium-sized pancakes) 

- 1.5 scoops of vanilla protein powder, or any flavor! 

(I love the "perfect Keto" protein in vanilla) 

- 2 eggs 

- 1 mashed banana 

- 1 tsp baking soda

- 2 tbsp almond flower 

- add in some pecans, blueberries, cinnamon or all 3! 


- Cook in a pan with some coconut or olive oil spray so they don't stick

- Cook on low heat until golden brown and cooked through on both sides 

- TOPPING: 1 tbsp monk fruit sweetener*, honey or maple syrup 

*Great natural, zero-cal, sweetener below

Thanks for tuning in beautiful people! See you again NEXT WEEK :)


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